Winterya – I roam alone (Original mix)[Synth Collective]


Winterya – I Roam Alone / Brown Eyes
Release Day: March 22, 2019
Synth Collective [SYC046]

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The young talented Swede, Winterya, is no stranger to deeply moving, relatable melodies that touch the core of our souls thus it’s with joyous excitement we’re able to unveil his newest and most mature work yet, the two tracker ‘I Roam Alone/ Brown Eyes’.
Ticking all the boxes when it comes to powerful and suggestive soundscapes that’ll create a hazy aura onto the listener, this is meloprog for the melancholic romantic, for the meditative mindstate, delivering a purifying experience to our hearts. But beneath the seemingly cold sadness that still somehow exudes from both tracks, there’s a bright shining light, the light of hope and sunshine, making one realise just how beautiful melodic progressive can be.
This is Winterya roaming alone with his magical atmosphere in search for his destiny’s brown eyes and we’re happy we can witness his journey here on Synth.

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